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If you’ve just been to camp, going to camp or just love the USA why not write for me? I accept guest posts, sponsored posts and posts from anyone who just loves to put fingertips to keyboard. I can pay £8 per post as long as they’re 6-800 words and are absolutely brilliant quality! 

If you’re interested in submitting a guest post to be published on Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor I’d love to hear from you. Please read the guidelines below and then contact me with your ideas by e-mail;

About my site

Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor aims to provide travel inspiration and camp counselor advice to help readers plan their trip and turn their dream into a reality. The blog is primarily focussed on before and during camp, but I also cover travel resources and products that are of interest to my readers for their onward travels after camp. I generally invite guest posts that are about places to visit in the US and the things to see there, experiences to enjoy and places to stay. For more information about the ethos of this blog, please read my About Page.

Get in touch

  1. Send me your pitch
  2. I’ll check it’s a good fit
  3. You write it
  4. Send it in with a photo or two
  5. I’ll publish it
  6. Voila, worldwide fame
  7. And £8 in your PayPal account

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