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Top 5 Places to Have Sex at Summer Camp

Cheers for the post Sophie, sounds like you had an interesting summer! 

Put a group of 100 or so 18-30 years olds out in the sunshine together and as soon as you add a drink or three, things start to happen. I’ve never been in such a sexually charged situation as the year I worked at summer camp. My camp counselor friends were having sex left, right and centre, literally.

Now I’m not saying I’m responsible for all these sexy stories, but let’s just say ‘friends of mine’ were.

sex at summer camp

1. Staff room

This was definitely the most popular spot for anyone after a bit of sex at summer camp. After any nights out things would get a bit heated in there and I definitely wouldn’t want to sit on those sofas after a big night out. At our camp we had phone booths that just had a little window in and people would get pretty randy in there.

Out staff room absolutely stank.

2. In bed

This was a little rarer than having sex in the staff room at camp, but I heard more than a few stories of people succeeding at this act of normality. At my camp we had bunk beds and the way they were laid out meant two were immediately behind the door and you would’ve had to really look to see if there was anyone in them. Apparently it was pretty easy to hide under the covers if anyone came searching. Risky though, if you’d’ve been caught you would’ve been out of there. Guess that counts for all of these sex options though!

2. Waterfront

Our camp had the waterfront down on the beach which had a precipice and an area underneath it. Loads of camp counselors used to go and have sex under there, it was ridiculous. And wow, they were pretty much risking their lives doing that.

If there are any hidden spots at your camp I can guarantee word will soon get out and the randiest of them all will be drawn like moths to a flame.

4. Off campus

Days off. If there’s a good time to have sex at summer camp, this would be it. When you have a day and night off, you and your special friend should check into a nearby hotel and you can enjoy all the sex you want, risk free.

5. Your shop

Where you work at camp is usually called your ‘shop’. So for example we had a jewellery shop, a mountain bike shop and a magician shop. Often you will be trusted with the keys to this to keep the kids out, meaning if you’re lucky enough, they become the perfect places to hang out at night. And have sex, if that’s what you’re into.

Just remember to be careful, both in terms of who you’re getting with, and being caught by the big boss. I can guarantee you will get fired if they find you.

Also, it’s not nice being gossiped about at camp so be careful who you get with, and who you tell.


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