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Top Tips for Having Sex at Summer Camp

By Rebecca Root

In the bushy overgrowth of the American outback, surrounded by the sweet sounds of Mother Nature, under a canopy of stars, a cosy summer camp quickly becomes a hotbed of summer loving.

It would seem that the high stress levels resulting from trying children, soaring temps and the close proximity of the cut-off surroundings, trigger stateside sexy time. Those hot summer nights get even hotter as hundreds of camp counselors canoodle their ways into the arms of one another whether it’s in search of that lasting summer romance or a quick, lakeside fumble.

summer camp sex

But what do you expect? When 100+ counselors are confined in such dreamy landscapes and their inhibitions are lowered by the exotic American shores it seems obvious that passions would inevitably begin to stir. Whether its the hottie you’ve been keeping tabs on since the first time at waterfront, the soulmate you’ve found on your day off or the mistake your bunkmates will never let you forget, a bit of summer loving graces almost every camp counselor’s summer.

While it’s probably something the newbie counsellors may not have considered, summer camp really is a feeding ground for cheeky fumbles and… err… outdoor pursuits. However, with such night time activities comes a load of questions like how to not get busted? Where to partake in said sexual activity? How to deal with that drunken mistake the next day? How to keep a camp liaison a secret?

While we don’t profess to be experts in late-night love making or summertime sex antics, we did do some err… data gathering and can offer some advice to hep keep you abreast of the situation.

1. Choose your partner wisely

While too many tequila slammers and the arrival of camp goggles may not always make this possible, try to consider whether you want to be linked to this person forever. Of course we’re not walking marriage but the month of August can be long when you are being taunted for shacking up with stinky Simon.

You, and the sexual partner of your choosing, will undoubtedly be gossiped about in the dining hall, be questioned by campers, who have a sixth sense when it comes to counselor liaisons (seriously it’s like a hobby for them), and you will be forever reminded of your mistake at every reunion to come, so choose wisely.

2. Location, location, location

Surprisingly, most camps offer a variety of venues ideal for intimate acts. For those who prefer the comfort of indoors there are a whole host of locations from backstage to the bike shed, while the woods and waterfront work well for those seeking an al fresco option.

All of these locations offer some small level of seclusion but availability can be a problem. As the weeks creep by more sun-kissed and child-beaten counselors find their way to one another which inevitably means that those hotspots soon become occupied. For couples in long term liaisons (aka more than a week) this offers an opportunity to become inventive with your love-making.

3. Keeping it under wraps

Throughout all of these late-night shenanigans, and they have to be late-night if you don’t want prying eyes on the… ahem prize, the question of how to not get caught is probably the biggest. With the looming consequences of a potential firing, the stakes are high and the game is on to keep noise levels to a minimum and sightings near impossible. Perhaps take separate routes to the meeting point and dispose of all evidence once the mission is complete.

4. Secrets and lies

This all ties in with keeping that blossoming summer romance a secret. Sometimes you’re just not ready to have everyone know that you’re bonking the division head or getting down and dirty with the guy from bunk 12.

However, this is no mean feat in a place where late night fiascos replace day time TV. Come up with codes, times and locations, yes embark on your own personal game of covert affairs so that the four week connoodle you’ve been enjoying can blossom away from prying eyes.

But, be warned, at camp, things don’t stay secret for long…


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