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10 Things You Wish Would Happen at Camp but They Won’t

By Rebecca Root

Picture this: a long, hot summer in a beautiful green setting. There are dense trees and a glistening lake with white, pretty bunks dotting the greenery. Then there are the new best friends from New Zealand and Israel who totally just ‘get you’. There are amazing kids that give you endless excuses to have water fights and pull pranks. They keep your days full and your nights are kept pretty busy by the summer action your getting with the Spanish lifeguard.

It’s all fire side sing songs and happy clappy flagpole and to top it off you’re blessed with two months of travel time. Hollywood views and Miami beach sessions top off a spectacular summer. So it would seem that a season as a camp counselor can be pretty epic and there’s nothing you would want to change about it, nothing at all…

Working as a camp counselor

OK well maybe there are a few things because, despite what the parents told you their little chubby cherubs aren’t sweet darlings 100% of the time, in fact they can dish out the fiery attitude a plenty. Over in the dining hall you had missed the memo on severe weight gain and no one had ever mentioned the truck load of fatigue that hits every day at 4pm. With this in mind there are a few things we wish would happen at summer camp that probably won’t.

1. An extra day off

While our days with the kids are fun, one more day of exploring, night of dancing, morning of sleeping and evening of eating would certainly not go a miss in the land of summer camp perfection.

2. The arrival of air con

During the August days when temperatures reach 40 degrees, the bunk becomes a sauna and the kids start to get irritable. A max 1000 turbo machine with adjustable temps would be bliss to dispel that summer humidity.

3. Wooden benches are replaced with actual chairs

While graffiti and faded pine is an authentic look for a camp, it’s not so good on counselors’ backs. Plastic, padded or wheelie chairs would be great but if we’re wishing for things we might as well ask for beanbags!

4. Flagpole at 8am instead of 7.45am

Those extra 15 minutes to get Casey to brush her hair and Ashley actually out of bed would make all the difference.

5. Colour Wars every Sunday

Forget once a summer let’s go for once a week with all out colour warfare and the best camp competition.

6. The kids go to sleep when they are supposed to

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to bribe that final kid into bed at 11pm? If lights went out and the kids shut off at 9pm, counsellors could finally grab that much needed shower.

7. Decent food all summer long

Grilled cheese and pizza is all good but a little more variety would not go amiss. Could we be cheeky and even ask for steak and chips?

8. There’s an endless supply of decent chocolate

You just can’t beat a bar of Galaxy, and Hershey’s doesn’t even come close.

9. No counselor curfew

In our dreamy summer camp ideal, directors trust the counselors to go to bed when they see fit. Imagine no more sneaking out of hours.

10. You don’t always have to let the kids win

While no one minds letting a camper win once, twice even three times at knock but our egos need pumped a little too!

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