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Day 57: Bit Over It Now

working at summer campSunday 31st July

10:45am Another lazy day, woo yeah! Rebecca, Zoe, Cara and all the other normal-day counselors went on their day off earlier to Ithaca, while us alternate-day staff were left guarding the kids. Earl and Bud decided to make it a proper lazy day this time though, where we don’t actually do anything. Ahh, Rebecca’s going to be screwing, she’s so annoyed she wasn’t chosen to be on alternate day this year. I cleaned up the bunk earlier for something to do and found $20 down the back of the bed – jackpot. Then I went to sleep for three hours, while the kids did their own thing in the bunk. Now I’m sitting in and watching the storm from the comfort of Britney’s armchair on the terrace. I love being on alternate day.

2:16pm The kids are menacing me, but it’s actually pretty funny. Today as I was showering they decided it would be hilarious to pour bottles of freezing cold water over the top of the cubicle onto me. I was hamming it up how annoyed I was and they were laughing and squealing. I need to think of something good to get them back for that. I have to be careful though – there’s no way I could do the same – imagine if they told Earl I’d been pouring cold water on them as they showered, he would not find it funny.

7:16pm It’s been so nice to have a day away from Rebecca. She’s absolutely doing my head in. The guy from tennis she’d been going out with for like a week finished with her and it’s all she fucking talks about. BORING. It’s either that, or her trip to Puerto Rico with the girl she’s always whispering with from the kitchen, the little kids’ head counselor – the one with the scary eyebrows – and some other counselor from visual arts that she blatantly invited to make up the numbers. She seems set on making me jealous about it for some reason, but I really couldn’t give a shit. She asked me if I wanted to go, I said no, so I don’t know why she feels the need to pummel every last little detail into me. Emily said she was going on about it to her too at the staff meeting the other night – she’s so self-obsessed! She doesn’t listen to a thing anyone else says and she makes everything all about her, all the time. She’s also turning out to be a surprise rival for Zoe in the worst skiver stakes. I swear I’ve done all the work this session.

Zoe, jeez, I can’t even think about her without getting irate. As her co-counselor, I can’t stand her. She’s absolutely fucking useless. She’s more work than help and one of the most irritating and annoying people I’ve ever met. She struts around with her scraggy bleached hair pouting and preening and flashing her dodgy fake tan job. I wish she’d stop trying to skank off the kids too – she compliments them on something and they’ll obviously say thanks and then she’ll be like, “Can I have it?” Emily says in Australia they’d call her a ‘bogan’ – I guess that’s their version of a ‘pikey’.

God, I sound like a bitch, but this is five weeks of finding Zoe unbelievably annoying and eight weeks of Rebecca. I’m proud of myself for putting up with them both for so long; I would’ve thought I’d have gone crazy by now. I need to try and only be with them when I really have to be and ignore or block them at every available opportunity if I’m going to get through the next four weeks without going insane.

Cara hates Rebecca; actually I think she hates anyone who’s serious more than 10 per cent of the time. I have had some in-depth and somber chats with Cara, but her aim in life is to have fun. A good aim if you ask me. She doesn’t enjoy moping around like a lot of other people do, Rebecca for example. A lot of the other counselors have the wrong impression of her – she’s not just some Irish airhead who likes pink things and messing around. I hate seeing her just sweeping up when she should be working with the kids in the second-session bitches’ lessons. She won’t stand up for herself and now she’s got her iPod she’s happy enough sweeping and singing away, but it makes me sad. She’s better with the children than any of them and she shouldn’t be made to feel like the only way she can contribute is by sweeping up. Fucking dry shites pissing me right off.

Too much time to think today! I think I’m going a bit insane. I feel like Holden Caulfield from Catcher In The Rye. Maybe it’s cabin fever from staying in all day.

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