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Nervous About Being a Camp Counselor?

Cheers for the post Amy!

I was so nervous about being a camp counselor. My main worry was being away from home for so long. I’d never been away from home for more than a week before and although I came across like the independent too-cool-for-school type I’d never had the chance to put my supposed independence into practice.

It was one of my main reasons for wanting to be a camp counselor – I wanted to make sure I’d survive at uni. I’d got into Leeds Uni and that was the other side of the country to where I grew up so I wouldn’t be able to just pop home to get my washing done like some of my friends. I also wanted to go to uni with some stories to tell. Absolutely nothing happens in the town where I live so I thought camp would also give me something to talk about.

nervous about summer camp

The expectation

The other thing I was really worried about was getting on with my other camp counselors. Coming from a small town I’d only known the same people all my life. All my friends new everything about me and accepted me for the way I was and vice versa. I couldn’t imagine spending so much time with people I had never met.

  • What if we didn’t get on?
  • What if they didn’t like me?
  • What if they didn’t think I was funny like my friends did?!

If I couldn’t make them laugh it was going to be a looooooooooooong summer! I know my panic was not based on reason. I was going to meet a lot of people during my time at camp and it was pretty unlikely I wouldn’t bond with all of them. I think it was more the fact it was going to be an intense environment without really having any face-to-face contact with my friends and family back home that was scaring me.

I was so nervous about being a camp counselor I started to worry about all sorts of other things.

  • What if the children didn’t like me?
  • What if I got myself in trouble and got sent home?!

I also worried about surviving on a lack of sleep. I’d heard from other people that camp counselors didn’t sleep much. I’m not a morning person so the thought of the early starts was enough to terrify me. I’m also a vegetarian so I hoped that the food was going to be ok for me. I wasn’t a fussy eater but my worst nightmare would be having to eat the same veggie option every single day or worse no veggie option at all!

I think that just about covers the main things I was nervous about so now let me tell you how it actually was…

The reality

Firstly yes I did miss my family and friends, loads, but the more I got to know the campers I was working with the more it got easier. I was able to email everyone and it was nice to hear the news from back home. In the end though camp was such a little bubble that I started to forget I hadn’t checked in with them for over a week!

The other camp counselors were in exactly the same boat with making friends so we all just got on straight away, you don’t have much choice. Obviously you find people you get on better with and that’s great and also some of them had done camp before so were already in a little group but everyone was friendly. I loved the people I met and it was a great way to prepare me for uni. Two of the girls were going to Leeds Uni like I was, so that was really nice to know too.

Similarly some of the children liked me more than others but I wouldn’t say there were any that didn’t like me at all!

It was easy not to get in trouble… just don’t get caught, so I didn’t get sent home. Thankfully.

The sleep thing was a problem for a while but gradually I did adapt. I never found the mornings easy and every time I had a break I would get in a little kip where possible. Being a camp counselor was so much fun though I sort of forgot how tired I was and as for the food… it was fine! I had loads veggie choice and in some cases it was actually better for me because I got to eat first, whoop whoop.

In my experience whatever is making you nervous about being a camp counselor it is probably something you won’t care about when you actually start camp. Don’t forget you can always ask things at your interview or try and find and someone who has been to camp to answer some questions, or just keep surfing this site!

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