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Day 56: Great Mountain Biking Trip Today

life at summer campSaturday 30th July

1:50pm Stephanie has been unusually quiet today so I went and sat with her on her bunk when we got back from lunch. The past two days she’s been in bed at every opportunity and not really talking, so I’ve been a bit worried. When I sat next to her I heard a weird chirping noise – she looked at me guiltily and cast her eyes to her side under the cover – I looked where her eyes were pointing and discovered a little injured bird. She’d found it outside and wanted to keep it – she is so cute. I could tell she was in love with it, but I was horrified. I hate birds and creatures, especially when they come on human property. They give me the creeps. I took it off her and she was crying and desperately pleading with me to allow her to keep it. I felt so mean. We can’t have it in the bunk though; it’s probably disease-ridden for starters. I can’t believe she’s had it in her bed, eugh. I gave it to the head counselor and I presume she killed it. Stephanie was so upset; I don’t think she’ll ever talk to me again.

7:20pm Cara and me have been trying to get the Polish guy she likes from mountain bikes to take us out on a bike trip all summer. Today was our day. He actually came and found us. We got fitted for a bike and followed him up into the mountains. I’ve never been mountain biking before, over rocks and up and down hills. It was so hard and scary as he was going so fast, but it was lots of fun.

I spent most of my childhood riding around my village, but I was always scared of going up and down pavements, so the rocky mountain paths were terrifying. We tried to keep up with him, but he was obviously trying to wear us out. He turned to see where we were and the corners of his mouth rose to a sadistic smile when he saw we were struggling. Freewheeling down the huge hills was incredible – I felt so free and amazing. The mountain air was brilliantly fresh and I was so focused I forgot all about camp while we were up there.

We were so sweaty by the time we got back. Cara decided to start a water fight with the Polish guy – she was definitely doing the whole flirty squealing girl thing. She’s so into him it’s funny, although she does seem to be into any semi-fit guy that moves these days. I hope he takes us out again sometime and that we haven’t ruined our chances by managing to keep up. We made him a thank you card in our crafts lesson to suck up anyway.

7:52pm Kind of got back with Ben today. Not that we ever finished, or even started, but I guess it’s been on hold for the nine days since he told me he had a frikkin girlfriend. We were blatantly flirting all day – it was super fun. No kids came to radio so I skived off to use the computers. He was in there with some counselor laid on the bench next to him and as I walked past him I ran my fingers down his back. He got up straight away and came and sat next to me, leaving her lying there. Woo yeah! She came and sat next to us, but he totally ignored her.

My new plan of action is to chill out and just enjoy being with him for the next four weeks. I’m not going to obsess, expect or want anything too serious, but just enjoy us as we are. He seems to be all I’ve thought about for the past few days and it’s literally driving me crazy.

Every department within visual arts has a specially decorated t-shirt for the counselors except for rocketry, so Ben designed a wicked one for us. That’s got to mean something.

Only one week left of this session and it’s goodbye Mean Girls! Yes ahhh!

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