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Having Sex at Summer Camp

Cheers for the great story Mel, you dirty dawg!

Having sex at summer camp… haha where do I start? Well firstly if you want some action from your co counselors during your time at camp don’t apply to a single sex one! My friend did and she had no interesting guy stories to tell whatsoever when we got back to uni… how dull. I had enough stories for the both of us though which gave us more than enough gossip to talk about.

sex at summer camp

My summer camp was epic

Right from the beginning I clocked at least 5 hotties on the counselor team. One of them was absolutely gorgeous and was studying Sports Science at Birmingham Uni. Shame I wasn’t, he was hot hot hot. No one in my lectures was that fit! Anyway I had a bit of a challenge to get him because obviously I wasn’t the only one with my eye on him. One of the other girls who liked him was also an absolute bi*ch so she didn’t waste any time flirting and it made me feel a bit sick someone could make themselves look that desperate. It was a few weeks in when I made my move on him. All the counselors had gone to the nearest bar for the night and being a bit tipsy we started flirting and he asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. We got a bottle of wine from the bar and took it with us into the woods. We could hardly see where we were going so we used the torch and made sure we were just enough distance from the bar not to be caught although they had all seen us walk out so they knew we had gone off together. Everyone was having sex at summer camp though so no one was that bothered.

We sat down on a big fallen tree and then we had one of those amazing drunken conversations where you discuss life but it doesn’t really make much sense. We were drinking and talking and then he leaned in to kiss me. We got quite into it and then we fell off the log haha. It was really funny. I can remember thinking how amazing it was laughing, looking up at the bright stars and being next to the fittest guy I had ever met. I felt miles away from home, I might as well have been on another planet. We had sex and it was amazing, apart from being covered in leaves and twigs! That was the first time I had sex at summer camp…

Be careful though!

We saw each other a few times after that but then unfortunately he had to leave camp and go home. He didn’t want to talk about it so I’m not sure what happened. I wasn’t planning to get with anyone else but then another one came along. He was working in the video department and we were friends so it was really unexpected. One night though we snuck into his art room, just being stupid. No one was around and he kissed me. He told me he’d liked me for ages (he’d only known me a month lol) and that he thought I was beautiful! It was so cute. He sort of became my camp boyfriend for a few weeks and it was nice to have him around. Obviously we couldn’t sleep together that much, sex at summer camp is not always easy because of the kids but we did when we could including behind my cabin, down by the lake, in the toilets… It was really fun.

We nearly got caught once by the counselor I worked with in the dance department. I’m not sure whether she knew what we were doing and walked off or if she changed her mind about going in the costume room. I never asked her. Cringe.

Sex in the woods

I caught a few people having sex at summer camp especially in the woods. No one really cared though and without having anywhere decent to go what else were we supposed to do? Our camp was a bit crazy and we were always playing stupid things like spin the bottle or strip poker- except no one could follow the rules of actual poker so we made up our own version. I think I snogged most of the boys at camp… and some of the girls too!

I had the absolute time of my life  it was the best thing I could have done! I went back the next year but that’s another story :)

If you want to read more about having sex at summer camp, there’s plenty of inside dirt in the book Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor. It’s available on Kindle and in Paperback now! 

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