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Oops, You’re Fired From Summer Camp

Getting fired as a camp counselor Like any job, if you break the rules, you’re fired.

Or let me rephrase that, if you’re caught breaking the rules you’re fired.

You might have read Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor and be thinking you can get away with a lot. I want to warn you now that your camp might not be like that, and you need to fully assess the camp directors and other counselors before you start getting up to any mischief like I did :).

If you step out of line the camp director won’t care how far you’ve come to work, you’ll be fired on the spot and probably have to leave that day. Depending on your offence you might get placed at another camp or you might just get sent home with no time to say goodbye.

Alcohol and drugs

This is the most common reason for getting fired from summer camp. You can read more about booze at summer camp, and as for drugs – just say no.

Physical violence

If you’re physically violent to the campers, the other counselors or even just to a wall, you can be sent home and your visa will be revoked. You’ll also have to pay for your flight home. The children can be damn annoying so if you have any anger issues at all you need to get them sorted immediately.

What happens?

In most cases, the following…

  • The camp director will fire you.
  • You’ll have 20 minutes to collect your stuff up.
  • If they allow you, use the phone and contact your camp agency’s emergency number rather than your parents or friends. They might be able to help (see below). Otherwise you’ll have to do it at the bus station.
  • You probably won’t have time to say bye to anyone, including the kids for fear of upsetting them.
  • You’ll be dropped off at the nearest bus/train station.
  • You are now financially responsible for all expenses; including food, accommodation and travel.
  • But don’t travel anywhere until you’ve spoken to the agency – they’ll be able to advise you.

Talking to your camp agency

They will discuss the reason for you being fired, work out if you’re owed any money, discuss the possibility of you being reassigned.

They can also calm you down and try to sort something before you have to phone your parents with the bad news.

Two options

#1 You’ll be offered another placement if one is available and depending on what you did.
#2 You’ll have to leave the USA. Your agency will help, but you’ll more than likely to financially liable in some way.

If you’re fired because of drugs or child abuse you will definitely be sent straight home.

It’s simple

Don’t be a dick and you’ll be fine.

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  1. errh…to little two late..

    • Oh dear Chris. I’m sorry – what happened?

      • Lucy, about 40% of the article is correct,
        the camp can really fired you for anything, e.g in my case, the camp fired me due to not completed water safety instructor “which was told about doing until less then 24 hours before the course, and not impressed with my level of experience, plus it bought them time, in replacing me before for camp, a whole two week to hired a new member of staff. so given my marching orders, as for agency they will not help period. yeah you talk to them, they just say how much money have to get home. and phone home
        I recalled I said i had $400.00, in reality had $7,000 I thought it was not they business anyway, either the camps. I was paid cool $19.00 in total for 5 day at camp. in that short time.

        Also the agency fired person who was trying to help me, during the process of me being fired from the camp. which i thought was ironic.

        yeah, i knew the risk involved, I even mention to you Lucy months before going.

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