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Day 55: Day Off in Ithaca

summer camp life

Friday 29th July

8:13pm Day off today. I went to Ithaca with the other alternate dayers. Pete and me had breakfast at an organic restaurant and then explored Ithaca and the Pyramid Shopping Mall. We went on a bus ride around Cornell University, which is one of the Ivy Leagues along with Yale and Stanford. We saw all the frat houses with the Greek lettering out the front and students walking around clutching folders. It was so perfectly kept and all the buildings were incredible. My university definitely doesn’t look like that!

I agreed to get Stephanie and Alexa some Cup Noodles because they’ve decided they won’t eat the camp food and want to be like Britney and her crew. Now I’ve ended up with about 20 things on my Walmart shopping list from the rest of the kids. They were all saying they’d give me money to get them what they want. I’ll do it for them for free, this time. It must be weird for them not going anywhere but camp for three weeks, sometimes even six. They were all over me when I came back with the supplies. If I’d have known in session two that all it took was a Cup Noodle to make them love me, I would’ve come with a tray full.

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