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10 Commandments for Camp Counselors

By Rebecca Root

In this new and foreign land of wooded landscapes, fellow counselors and energetic minors, it can be hard to know how to navigate such fresh and exciting waters. What can I do? What can I not do? What are the major dos and don’ts for summer camp life?

Working at summer camp

Each camp quickly answers these questions with their own set of rules and regulations. Some of these you will bend, a lot of them you will twist and the majority of them you will break. However, we have a few rules and general ‘musts’ of our own that are universal to almost all summer camps and will give you a quick insight into the life of summer camp counselor.

1.  Thou shall learn to live without sleep

Seriously, forget camp if you’re attached to those eight hours because in this place, you should be so lucky.

2. Thou shall live in a world non existent of social media

In the depths of America’s outback the Wi Fi tends not to work and computer slots are limited so it’s bye bye media for a whole summer, eek!

3. Thou shall repeatedly make a fool of oneself

Dressing up, doing a dance, getting dirty… it’s all in the job description.

4.  Thou shall wear the compulsory wrist attire of friendship bracelets at all times

Fashionable, therapeutic to make and a distraction for the kids equals a win all round.

5.  Thou shall gain the misfortune of camp goggles

As the weeks roll by that person you thought was just OK is actually now a significant babe.

6.  Thou shall learn (or at least try) to disguise drunkenness

If you want to see camp right through until the end then keeping a straight face after a bar run is one task that need to be completed well.

7.  Thou shall not digest any healthy foods

Apparently it’s a camp rule that no fruits or veggies shall touch thy lips, say hello to your friends: fatty foods.

8. Thou shall fight for the five minutes to get a daily shower

With a packed schedule, finding those five minutes can be extremely hard. Learn to like the smell of dirt.

9.  Thou shall become reliant on a daily intake of S’mores

And who’s complaining? An evening dessert could be a lot worse.

10. Thou shall not enjoy the privilege of privacy

With eight kids following your every move it is hard to get a moment alone.

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