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How Camp Counselors Can Change Their Flight Home From the USA

By Rebecca Root

So after two of the most brilliantly chaotic months at a wild and wistful summer camp, we know you are adamant that you are not returning home. We know the plans to marry the nearest American and runaway to Mexico come pouring in until realisation hits that, in fact, you don’t want to be an illegal immigrant and you have got to head home.

How to change your flight

When that moment comes you’ll have to face that all important flight date and it might just be that the only way to pacify your gnawing dread is to stay a little longer. On the other hand, perhaps you have had such a good time that your dollars have dwindled away and, even though you’ve decidedly chained yourself to the bunk, you are going to need to head to the airport.

There are many reasons the fixed flight you originally opted for might need to be changed while you are in the US and that is OK. You can alter your plans and change that flight in just a few simple steps.


The CCUSA programme offers a fixed flight option for counsellors. To change this date you can give the US headquarters a quick call or email and the staff will help you change your flight. But, like most things, there’ll be a small fee to pay depending on the date you choose to fly. This can be paid using a debit or credit card.

Booking your own flight is also an option with CCUSA. While this means an extra sum of money in your pay package at the end of camp it also makes it a little harder to change the return flight. The airline you booked needs to be contacted and, while often bookings can be altered, there usually is an administration charge to pay as well as the difference in price of the new flight.

Call: 1-800-999-2267



Camp America also offer a few options when it comes to booking return flights.

To change a fixed flight you can contact the office in Stamford, Connecticut, on the number below and speak to a representative who will help you reschedule. More information can also be found on the My Camp America section of the website. However, you will need to pay a minimum of $225 to do this.

A DIY flight is also offered to counselors. This means a flight can be booked while in the US with a selection of dates and airports to choose from. however, this needs to be done at least 14 days before travel. If this barrier has passed and the flight needs to be changed then a steeper fee of a $275 minimum will need to be paid.

Call: 1-800-727-8233

Email: through My camp America page


Camp Leaders require that counselors book their own flights. This means choosing an airline yourself and, while there are flex-ticket options, these are not always these cheapest. So, if you have booked a fixed flight with an airline yourself and the date needs to be changed then that airline will need to be contacted. Most airlines have a number you can call on from the US which can be found on their websites and many can also be emailed for more information. An administration fee and difference in flight costs can be expected though. For advice contact the Camp Leaders’ US office.

Call: 1-866-803-7643




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