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Camp America, BUNAC, CCUSA, AmeriCamp or Camp Leaders?

If you’ve checked out how much it costs to be a camp counselor and how much you can earn at camp in America and you’re still confused, let’s take a deeper look at which is the top of the agencies financially…

The money

The cheapest agency is:

  1. BUNAC
  2. CCUSA
  3. Camp Leaders
  4. Camp America
  5. AmeriCamp

The highest wages are from:

  1. AmeriCamp
  2. BUNAC
  3. CCUSA
  4. Camp Leaders
  5. Camp America

Here is the difference in what you pay and what you get. If you’re going to work as a qualified lifeguard add £62* to each equation (not to AmeriCamp though):

AmeriCamp: 18+ = +£240 (minimum)

BUNAC: 18-20 = -£50 | over 21 +£74

CCUSA: 18 = -£175 | 19/20 -£82 | over 21 +£12

Camp Leaders: 18 = -£241 | 19/20 -£148 | 21 -£86

Camp America: 18 = -£287 | 19/20 -£194 | 21 +£132

Wow, so you can see there is quite a difference!

Financially, AmeriCamp comes out on top, by quite a long way if you’re 18!

Congratulations AmeriCamp!

Remember, the AmeriCamp salary and fee difference does depend on the price of your flight. Sort it out early to get the best deal – check out their mates rates with STA Travel too.

CCUSA, BUNAC, Camp Leaders and Camp America all offer pretty much the same for the money: insurance, flights, orientation in America, admin costs and they’ll organise your visa interview at the embassies too. You’ll need to base your decision on reputation and your experience so far if you want to use these agencies.

*All wage prices are the correct conversions on 2/11/12. Exchange rates will always change within a pound or two.

Work at camp America

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  1. The thing is though, that Americamp gets you to pay some visa related fees as third party while all the other companies sponsor your visa… so really…

    Fees = £199 + £400 flight + US$135 (Issuance fee/SEVIS which is about £86) – so total £684? That makes them more expensive than all of the others!

    • Hello Mary, thanks for your comment. I’ve looked into it and yes, I should have included the visa fees on top of the AmeriCamp fee that the other companies include in their overall price, so I’ve edited the post. This does make AmeriCamp the most expensive company to go with when you account for the flight. But I still recommend hem as as the company that offers counselors the best deal though, as their wages are so much higher, especially if you’re 18.

      Thanks, Lucy.

    • ‘Mary’, as you already know, through other posts in which you just have happened to put with the exact same piece of text in which you have already had a reply… (exactly the same as other information we received strangely enough from a third party and here we find this post, the same as others…)

      AmeriCamp DOES NOT CHARGE AN ISSUANCE FEE. It is included as part of the £199, but again you already know this! Good try again though to put AmeriCamp down!

      ‘Mary’ happened to put the exact same post on another site as well Lucy. Check out the IP number of where the post has come from!

      We won’t be petty, where ever you’re from… Merry Christmas :)

      AmeriCamp x

  2. What are your thoughts? I don’t think this article is a fair representation of costs including ‘third party’.

  3. Oh sorry I didn’t see your other response! Thanks Lucy :)

  4. Mary, we see you again! How’s your company doing?!

    Lucy, you need to see the posts on Summer Camp Success. AmeriCamp do not charge an issuance fee, it is INCLUDED as part of the £199.

  5. This is a surprising outcome. How can Americamp give people such value for money. I think it’s amazing.

    Makes the other companies look like they have been robbing their students of money they could have been earning!

    Americamp are showing Camp America and the rest how to formulate a competitive business model.

    Also, more competition = fairer prices for students! Can’t wait to go to America in 2013.

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