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Camp America Interview Tips

At first I was literally like ‘What the hell?’

Camp America Tips


Top counselor Victoria Smith had her Camp America interview and decided to share the experience with the rest of us on YouTube. Her video is from March 2013 so is one of the most recent insights into the interview process, I strongly advise you watch this before you go, just to put your mind at rest and to be fully prepared for the experience.

Watch the video and you’ll find the answers to the following…

  • How long does the Camp America interview usually take?
  • What do you wear to a Camp America interview?
  • What do you need to take to the Camp America interview ?
  • What is the Camp America interview process like?
  • What do you put in the video?

There are a few more tips in my post on How to Pass the Camp America Interview, so you might as well check that out while you’re here too.

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