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Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor is a book about my life-changing adventures at camp in America. No other book about camp is so honest, open and true. It was the summer of 2005 and I’d never been abroad by myself before. I wanted to go to summer camp for a new experience. I spent the previous summer working in an office before splashed all the cash on a week in Ibiza at the end of it. I wanted something more from this summer.

Summer camp was an incredible experience – one minute I was having the time of my life splashing about on a water trampoline and the next I was crying in a portaloo.

I remember before I went to camp I wanted to know what it would really be like out there with all those kids and in America’s wilderness. All I was told was that I’d have the ‘Best Summer of My Life’, but how?

Buy the book and you’ll get an idea of what working at camp is really like – the laughs, the loves, the ups and the downs and how it could change your life forever…

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